Lisa's photography is part artistic expression/ part psychological study.  Her art studio/psychology lab is located in midtown Manhattan. In it, Lisa uses photography to experiment with people and light – all with the goal of bringing beauty out of darkness.

Though Lisa has experience in many different styles of photography, portraiture is her most meaningful work.  Even when the clothes are the important thing to shoot - she makes sure the photo is a portrait that showcases the human being wearing the clothes. Lisa likes rebelling against the notion that “art is about the artist.” Instead, she creates an environment where the subject leads and the art becomes about the subject’s story.  She strives to use minimalism to showcase deep emotion.  (Lisa is a recovering “Emo chick” and proud of it!)Lisa was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She left Russia trying to escape the political situation there, in 2018. Her mother is an acclaimed poet and her older sister is an accomplished opera singer.  Her artistic upbringing led her to study the psychology of creativity.  She wrote her dissertation on creativity and emotional intelligence and received a doctorate in psychology.

Unfortunately for the world of academia, Lisa decided to explore her passion for photography.  Though she had no formal training in photography, she studied the work of great photographers, like Richard Avadon, Thomas Ruff & Annie Liebowitz. Lisa began her career by touring with musicians as a concert photographer.  She worked with such musicians as: Cypress Hill, Snow Patrol, Limp Bizkit, The Used, and The Parlotones.  When she wasn’t touring, Lisa shot fashion spreads for Russian glamour magazines.After finding success in Moscow, Lisa decided to take on an even bigger challenge: moving to the visual arts capital of the world.  Now Lisa finds herself in New York City – working with Broadway stars, world-renowned writers, major publishing houses, and creative types who are just starting out in the City.


British Vogue,, The Hollywood Reporter, Elle, Numero, Cosmo, Billboard, Gate, Ellements, Imirage, Vulkan, Mob, Shuba, etc


Loosenart Political Statement 2022 (Rome, Italy), 

Shutterhub Yearbook 2021 (online), 

FASHION + ART + SUBCULTURE 2017 (Lumière Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia)

Shortlisted in Creativepool Annual 2020 Award with two projects.

Selected clients

Penguin Random House, Chanel, Bvlgari, Mercury, Darvol, Rodery, Mardi, Bisou, etc.

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